How to avoid Soap Scum on your new Shower Screen

No one likes scum; especially on your Shower Screen. It can happen regardless of how often you clean and how well you clean. It can appear at any time in varying degrees of severity.

Whats the answer?? (enter angry emoji)

Well you’re in luck, because the prevention is easier and less expensive than you might think, but more on this later. 

First, lets look at why it happens…

Chemical reactions from a range of sources are what cause your shower screen to deteriorate and form the unfashionable soap scum look. These include fatty acids from your skin, salts from your sweat, and other bi products from cosmetics, soaps and shampoos. Combine these with the minerals from the water, and you have a problem.

  YUCK!! What are my options???????

There are products available that when applied help bead the water off the surface. These products are known to have varying degrees of effectiveness. They can come in the form of a DIY kit, or there are companies that can supply, and apply the product for you. If you choose to go with a DIY kit it will depend on how well you apply it, and more than likely there will be no warranty on a product that you apply yourself.  If you decide to go with a professional it will obviously come at a greater cost.

The main problem with the glass coating option is that the product may need to be re-applied after a certain amount of time.  And no matter what the guarantees are on the various products, when toxic cleaners and other harmful bi products come in contact with the glass over the long term, there is a high probability the coating will be compromised at some stage. No matter how good the product is.

    OK! So what now??

Here it is. Drum roll please…..

The most effective way to avoid soap scum is to squeegee the glass after each use.

    WHAT! REALLY? Who wants to do that?

Well…you’ do, (you are’ reading this article after all)

It only takes about 30 seconds, and for the price of a $5 – $10 item you can keep your glass looking crystal clear for years to come.

The squeegee stops the water from drying on the glass, which is the main problem. This means all the naughty harmful substances don’t get a chance to imprint themselves on your brand new shiny Shower Screen.

You must also avoid using scrapers, blades, acid or alkaline cleaners, or commercial cleaners that contain ammonia or vinegar. Powders, liquids, bleach and bleach based products should also be avoided. All of these will have harmful long term effects; not only on the glass, but the surrounding frame and hardware as well.

“Prevention is the best cure”

I’m not denying that there are possibly high quality products on the market that disperse water more effectively and for longer periods of time than others, but in our experience the squeegee has proven to give the best results long term.

Prevention is the best cure. The simple squeegee – and if your feeling extra conscientious – a microfiber cloth after each use will ensure your brand new Shower Screen continues to look……well, brand new.

Happy Squeegeeing.